Friday, March 13, 2009

Sage Charan

So (finally) Anna's annual day function was yesterday! Amma, appa, paati and your athai went to see him dressed up as a rishi and dance on the stage for a few mins, along with three other rishis. Though he saw paati, neither amma nor any one else could make out which of the four rishis was Charan!!!

There was a pre-KG girl who sang "kurai ondrum illai" beautifully and reminded the family of you. Upon hearing about the events, even I could think of only how you would have rocked such events.

Yesterday was also your star birthday. Mini paapa commomerated it by turning over on to her tummy. She did that twice so we could tick it off the list and has gone back to lying on her back! Lazy baby!

In other news, Srimathi chithi has come to Madras from US, with baby R. Amma and Charan will be going to see them at mammu paati's house over the weekend.

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