Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Ode to Shraddha

I remember holding my pink bundle of joy on Feb 16th

I remember your bright, shiny, intelligent eyes and the disarming smile

I remember you crawling all around the house

I remember you taking those initial steps

I remember holding your arms while going to Pillayar Temple

I remember a sleepy little doll in her pattu paavadai sitting next to me when I was doing monthly Ayush homams

I remember resting on the two talking, laughing, wriggling pillows

I remember starting to tell you the paati... vadai... kakka... nari story and you completing the rest

I remember you waving the red shoes from the top of the stairs shouting "appa ennoda pudhu sooo" for months

I remember, recollect each and every moment you spent with us

All these are happy memories...

I also remember lowering you down to your final resting place...

I just want to forget the last one, so please come back us.


  1. Prayers and good wishes to make the unbearable bearable.

  2. Shraddha lives forever as a (2 3/4 yrs old kid)sweet little angel in our hearts! i'm sorry for not being there for you, on that fateful day. i too wish Shraddha comes back to us.

  3. I read this on a blog - feels relevant.