Monday, November 30, 2009

Moving on


So the family has moved out of the house at Indira Colony to 18th Avenue. All bags and assorted stuff were packed and moved yesterday. Charan has passed around the new address to all his friends at IC. He was alright, apparently and Jayantha was the one who ended crying buckets that his best friend is leaving.

So much so his mum brought him over in the evening.

End of an era, isn't it? The house where you were born, the one home you have always known, is now home to the family no more. Do you know where the new house is, little one? Will you find your way to the new one?


  1. what a funny girl)

  2. I am sure your little girl is a happy soul..God loved her soo much that he wanted her to be near...

  3. The last two lines breaks my heart, i can't stop crying. Your little girl is with you,wherever you are. She is adorable.