Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Shraddha

Dear Shraddha,

Today is P's birthday. We got him a cake and he will cut it in the evening. Mini paapa saw it and wanted to eat the whole box! She is a lot like you - looks at us whenever we munch, just like you! Tomorrow P is having a party for his friends. I hope it will be a nice sunny day like today. Otherwise I shall have to manage a bunch of children in one small room for almost 3 hours!!

Charan anna's school day is finally going to be held next thursday. He is going to be dancing, wearing a rishi costume! Amma, appa, paati, athais, chithappa are all going to see him on stage. Don't know yet about thatha and Janani akka. Anna is quite nervous but excited about this. You know the funny thing? When I was at JV, the first time I went on stage as a part of the annual day programmes, I also was a "rishi"! 

Mini paapa is lying down next to me as I type this and is singing! She puts her index finger in her mouth and goes "aaaaaa, aaa-aaa" and can keep at it for up to 15 minutes at a stretch. She also keeps her feet flat on the floor and raises her bum. And does a wiggle! But she hasn't rolled over on her tummy yet - nor does she feel inclined to! Did you crawl? I remember seeing photos of you flat on your tummy! 


  1. Hope you, Sun and P got our wishes. Sorry about leaving out M :(

  2. yes we did! i called to say thankoo too! :)