Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charan's Birthday

Hi Shraddha,

Hope you enjoyed Sriccharan's birthday on 25th November.

Poor guy, was down with fever. But was overjoyed to see all his friends and favorites turning up to wish him and enjoy the bash.

The cake was cut twice - first by Charan and then by Minty :)

He got a lot of gifts too.

Sambar rice, Kesari, Vada, Chips, orange juice - to go with the cake - yummy.

Thanks to Lavanya, he gave each one of them, a beautiful plant.

All these under your watchful eyes...

Cake Cutting - Take 1
Winner of Grim Face Contest
Almost got my fingers bitten off
Pranav's Mother & Vasanthi
Cake Cutting - Take 2
Cake or Plate, which is yummy
Charan with his friends
Minty & Arvind
Caught in the act
Pic for "Add a caption" contest
Sundeep, Vasanthi
Usha, Janani, Sun
Great += Gran, with Great += Gran Children
Smile at last

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